Style Your Curves with CeeCee

Style Your Curves with CeeCee

Since Style Your Curves started, I partnered with an IG influencer named @Ceeceeluvbug. I remember not knowing what I was doing (social media really wasn't my thing, still isn't haha). But I figured I would take a chance and reach out. Luckily for me, she took me up on my offer and became a SYC Brand Ambassador! I was so excited and still am! She is one of the sweetest ladies I've virtually met!

Check out her story:

Cerethia “ CeeCee” Scott is an Atlanta native. The mom of two wears many hats. She is a blogger, influencer, and radio personality. CeeCee has been modeling for four years. She started modeling because she felt there was not enough representation that looked like her. Her lover for fashion and people eased her into being an influencer. Her goal is to inspire woman of all sizes to embrace who they are and love every inch of themselves.


One of the things that drew me to CeeCee was her style and personality. There are so many models and IG influencers out there but not many represent US! The curvy, the apple shapes, the inverted triangle shapes, and many more who don't have that "perfect" shape. She was exactly what Style Your Curves needed, someone who gets it and not worried about what the "standards" are. Just like our motto: Your Curves, Your Style, Defy the Standards! And CeeCee is doing just that!!!


Want to know more about CeeCee? Follow her on IG at @Ceeceeluvbug and check out her blog:


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