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Welcome to SYC Blog!!! My name is Shakira and I'm the owner of Style Your Curves Boutique! I never thought I would have started my own business but here I am! Fashion has become a passion for me. I originally started SYC for a few different reasons. First, it was simply the price of clothing. Being plus size, clothes shouldn't be as expensive as they have become. When I would shop at the name brand stores, I found myself spending $65 for a shirt or $85 for a dress and that was so getting ridiculous.  Plus, the love of my life, @Talkinhiphop (Instagram)encouraged and inspired me to be different and limit myself. And my best friend, @PlushSizePretty (Instagram) has been doing plus size modeling locally and I was inspired by her passion for it. The way she could put pieces together to slay a look!!!

So from there, I started on this journey. I was once the plus size girl who only wore various shades of black to now wearing vibrant colors across the color spectrum. No longer afraid to wear stripes or polka dots. So, HA! Take that “normal standards of beauty”!!! But SYC isn't just for plus size ladies but it's for everyone! We all represent beauty and everyone has their own style. I love the “awkward” side of fashion. The styles that don't follow the norm. Big, beautiful, bold looks and that make you turn your head! Lets not follow the trends, let's set them!

So, it’s been a little over a year and I'm so excited for what's in store! This is Style Your Curves! I'm an SYC Babe! Will you join the SYC family???

Your Curves, Your Style, Defy the Standards!

I'll love to hear for you! Drop a comment! Oh and don't forget to follow SYC on your social media!





❤SYC Boss


Photo credit: https://www.a1lenzproductions.com

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